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This is a 2009 archived version of Two investment sites, and merged to become The new site offers subscription-based online investment services along with a vast investment social network via FocalEquity Social.

Some of my friends compare investment strategies as being similar to playing poker at online casino US friendly sites, but I disagree. Perhaps if you were randonly investing in high risk stocks you could say its a crap shoot as to whether you would do well or not. I say investing is not like playing slots, push the buttons and hope for the best. Get a little entertainment and maybe lose a little money. It also doesn't need to be like a high stacks poker game either. With a mulifaceted hedge fund, macro-investment strategies and analysis, and some smart decisions, you can make out. It may not be like winning the million dollar jackpot, but monies can be made. And with the advent of sophisticated support systems, like Zendesk, the ability to engage with, respond to, and offer assistance to investors has improved markedly - removing much of the annoyances that offering support used to create. By contracting with services offering support for Zendesk, and by customizing the tools to the business model, automation can replace much of the labor usually required to answer questions or to queue necessary client oriented tasks. Clearly it's a far cry from the casino model that my friends complain about.

My partner rejects these scenarios, preferring to make investments in the arts & in her own business. She buys antiques of all types. We must have more than a dozen oriental handwoven rugs in just our NYC condo. When she acquires a Pakistani, Oriental, Chinese art décor, Afghan, Persian, Turkish, or Indian hand woven carpet, one of the first things she does is post photos to her website which is doing very well due to her technical talent combined with her motivation. Because she had done some work for TNG/Earthling, CEO Bob Sakayama offered to help her optimize the site. Bob is known for his seo experiments and nontraditional observations. And it's definitely working! Her business is gradually gaining visitors and generating more sales. The money may not be as great as one would realize with traditional investing, but the pleasure her antiques bring her is better than any monetary profit.

Why resurrect

I always thought that KhronoStock was a worthy site that dispensed timely and pertinent information. I especially enjoyed their contributing analysts. I didn't want KhronoStock to disappear or its domain bought by someone who would repurpose it to something totally different from its original form. Consider this site as a historical representation of some of the pages found in 2009 at was an investment site that focused on equity and equity options trading as well as macro-investment strategies and analysis. Through its subscription service KhronoStock PRO, established a unique partnership with providing successful macro-investment strategies and analysis as well as highly profitable long/short stock and equity options trade recommendations.’s macro-investment strategy was based on unbiased macro-level global economic, political and stock market research. The macro research themes include but not limited to the global economy, global stock markets, global political developments and global commodity trends. To implement its macro investment views, utilized the appropriate leverage and non-leverage long and short ETFs, ETNs and mutual funds. investment strategy wass implemented through a combination of a proprietary trading system and a unique fundamental research methodology that successfully identifies “inefficiently” priced stocks. After the identification process, Short-Stock took the appropriate long and short equity and equity options positions to take advantage of those inefficiencies. together with offered a valuable service to small retail investors by providing them with a multifaceted hedge fund investment exposure at an extremely affordable price.

KhronoStock Circa 2009

In addition to its subscription service, has its own blog network with four outstanding contributing analysts posting free daily investment research and analysis articles as well as unique financial and political news analysis articles. (Backgrounds of our contributing analysts can be viewed below.) These articles together with our public chat room and forum offer the general public a great free investment and trading resource. Another unique feature of KhronoStock is its connection with Africa related investment, economic and political analysis topics. Our site strives to be an online pioneer to structurally and academically cover the African equity markets and the broader African economic and political developments.


KhronoStock Contributing Analysts


Andrew Cardwell

Andrew Cardwell, president of Cardwell Financial Group, Inc., began his trading career in 1978 as a broker with McCormick Commodities. In 1981, Andrew left the brokerage business to devote his time to the study of technical analysis and to develop a trading program and model around the Relative Strength Index. Today, he provides consultation and commentary for his RSI Course students and his Cardwell Private Client Group.

Andrew Cardwell has taught his proprietary RSI Basic and RSI EDGE Courses to individual traders, brokers, money managers and technical analysts from around the globe. More than 70% of his course students have been referrals and he has course students in 27 countries. As a very respected and sought-after lecturer, he has presented at some of most prestigious worldwide financial conferences. From 1990 to 1993, he provided weekly market commentary for the Financial News Network and has also appeared on CNBC, providing opinions based on his RSI experience. His articles have been published in Futures magazine and by Knight-Ridder News Service. He was featured in the Commodity Traders Consumer Reports “Trader Profile” series where Bruce Babcock referred to him as ”the world’s” leading authority on the RSI”.

Andrew regularly hosts radio shows and provide chart and market analysis at, a market trader’s social network. Andrew Cardwell can be reached at


Mike Landfair

Mike Landfair has a B.S. in Political Science and Economics. Mike is a veteran of the stock market having over thirty years of experience as a stock broker. Mike also worked in marketing for several technology companies. In addition to his investment and marketing careers, Mike is also a professional writer, poet and a blogger. He is currently retired. He is the founder of


Joseph Acevedo

Joseph Acevedo has a B.S. in Finance from Manhattan College and studied Quantitative Marketing under a doctoral Fellowship from Rutgers University. Joseph has twenty-five plus years of experience in indexes and financial information services and developed his own quantitative decision support systems for financial market trading. He is the founder of


Mike Reed (a.k.a. seeker401)

Mike works in sales and marketing in Australia and has a keen interest in world financial markets and social commentary.

Mike has been investing in the global markets for the last five years since he was caught up in the last bull market. During that period, he realized that the global markets did not appear to just work randomly, but rather moved in a timed fashion. His questions have led him to many fine sites and writers and differing points of view on this unconventional investment subject. Mike believes the markets are not speculative and that they flow in cycles. Further to this observation, Mike questions just who is running the “show” and how is the “game” played. Mike’s blog seeker401( attempts to decipher these questions. He hopes his followers enjoy this facinating journey of finding the “truth” with him as he looks to unravel the vagaries of this world we live in.

KhronoStock is a contributor and an affiliate of Together with, KhronoStock seeks to be a pioneer investment site that covers the broader economic, investment and political developments in Africa. The unique relationship between and allows us to provide in depth coverage of various African markets creating what is possibly the only professional site dedicated to quality analysis of African economy, politics and investments.


Content Important Facts of KhronoStock PRO Subscription Service

KhronoStock PRO is a joint investment subscription service offered by and There are several important facts that potential subscribers should know and understand before deciding to subscribe to KhronoStock PRO:

1. and are business partners. Our two sites created KhronoStock PRO as a joint online investment service to offer our stock trading and macro-investment analysis expertise. With superior macro-investment and stock trading capabilities, KhronoStock PRO offers its subscribers a multi-level hedge fund like investment strategy at a very affordable price.

2. There is NO difference between the daily trading and market update service offered by and KhronoStock PRO. KhronoStock PRO subscribers receive the EXACT SAME daily trading and market update service as subscribers of

3. In addition to the regular daily trading and market update service, KhronoStock PRO offers its subscribers extra “perks” at no additional cost. Thus, with KhronoStock PRO, subscribers get more services for their money.

These perks include:

Weekly subscriber only macro-investment analysis articles that covers an array of important investment and macroeconomic topics.

Subscriber only forum for effective communication between subscribers and KhronoStock analysts as well as serving as a safe and efficient storage and publication tool of all subscriber related information.

The ability to chat with KhronoStock’s outstanding contributing analysts via subscriber only chat room. All of our analysts are getting our daily trades and have excellent views regarding them. Their thoughts and comments on our stock and options positions add an another layer of expertise for KhronoStock PRO.

Daily free investment analysis articles written by KhronoStock’s contributing analysts offered through KhronoStock Blog Network.

Public forum and chat room where subscribers can effectively interact with the public investment community.

A wealth of extra investment related resources and tools via KhronoStock’s affiliates.

If for some reason, individuals insist on subscribing to instead of KhronoStock PRO, please do not forget to mention under’s referral box if you learned about through This is your way to honor our great partnership.



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Information related to market analysis on this website only serves as a general guide for possible short term market direction. The recommended ETFs are only general suggestions that are consistent with Khrono Stock’s short term view of the general stock market. They should not under any circumstances be taken as professional investment advice. All viewers should consult with registered financial advisors to make their investment decisions. In addition, the information on this website should not be used as the sole source in guiding one’s investment objectives. Investors should seek guidance from multiple sources before they make their investment decisions. Khrono Stock is not responsible for any investment actions taken by its viewers and will not be responsible for any losses incurred by such actions. Viewers who do not agree with these terms should not view this website.